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2016 Special - Company Profile Package

Performance Guarantee for 2017

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As the ONLY true niche job board serving the call center community we provide an environment for experienced call center candidates to find quality jobs and research companies in their area. For recruiters, we get you in front of candidates in the early stage of a candidate's search.

Test us out in 2017 using our Company Profile Package which includes:

  • Unlimited job postings in single Metro Area.
  • One low fixed price - specific for your Metro Area.
  • A guaranteed number of visitors viewing your jobs.
  • Just email us your jobs and we will post them to your account.
  • ANY recruiter can post ANY position in this Metro Area.
  • Provide an XML feed of all your jobs and we'll just post call center ones.
  • We will create your Company Profile and sent to you for approval.

Why this offer?
Allowing companies to post ALL their call center related jobs to our site for one fixed price will increase response and the lower your cost per view/apply/hire with each job posted.  More jobs on our site is good for our candidate audience and allows us to attract (and retain) more candidates on an ongoing basis.

Recruiting budgets are tight.  With call centers having multiple budgets for different positions your firm can split the cost of using our site between budgets to make it even more affordable!

Recruiters are busy!  Posting jobs for our customers is just another way we can add value as a service.  Just email us a link to the URL where a job is posted and we will add it to your account.  We can send candidates to your site to apply or have them email a resume directly to a specific recruiter.Or, send us an XML job feed of ALL your jobs and we will just post the call center ones.

We want recruiters to say "make sure you send that job to to get posted."  The more you post the better your results!

Candidates want more information before they decide to apply.  Our Metro Area map is located right above jobs in each city.  As a new feature added to our site we want to increase the numbers of call centers on each map and this offer is the best way to allow Employers to participate.

The Goal - Renewal:
In the 11th month we will send you a report with your job postings statistics from your account including jobs posted, titles, views and applies.  The goal is to provide you with actual performance numbers to justify using our service consistently in the future.  Hiring volumes change, but this price we are offering is designed to keep you as a customer year after year and getting quality candidates to apply with you!  

The Offer:
The following Company Profile Package is available in 3 pricing plans - $275 | $365 | $495 - depending on the size of your Metro Area:

Company Profile Package:

  • Unlimited Job Postings for ONE Metro location for ONE year.
  • NEW - Call Center location included on Metro Area call center map.
  • Company Profile - Overview / Logo and link to jobs.
  • Jobs feeds and distribution sources accepted.
  • Statistics provided for jobs posted, viewed and applied.
  • NEW - We will post jobs for you - just email them to us.
  • Guarantee of NO MORE than $1.00 per job viewed.

Next Step:
Email us at - - and we will review your company careers section and provide a price quote specific to your Metro Area. Discounts are offered to companies with more than 5 call center locations in the US.

Click here to download or print this document as a PDF.

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