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Call Center Technology

ACD / PBX Call Routing - ACD for Multichannel Operations

Big Data - Big Data - Big issue ... why this is a breakthrough concept that can revolutionize the call center

Call Recording - Technology for call recording solutions

Callback / On-Hold - Replace hold-time with a call-back on every channel and give customers back what they value most – their time.

Cloud Contact Center - Moving to the cloud brings a new set of questions to be answered

Customer Experience - This is the goal - solutions for improving THE Customer Experience.

Dialers - Dialing Technology for your Outbound Operations

IT / Testing / Security (Ixia) - Outsource the process of keeping your call center running behind the scenes.

IVR - IVR is Interactive Voice Response - Reduce costs and improve the customer experience with these solutions

Knowledge Management - Agents no longer need to spend time searching for the best answer because Knowledge Management software helps deliver the right answers to your agents.

Mobile - Mobile interactions and your call center ... moving faster than ever!

Multimedia - Contact center solutions that allow business to manage all contact types to create a better customer experience.

Reporting - When agents and managers are aware of what's happening in the contact center in real time, they may take steps to positively impact operations.

Small call centers - Resource Directory specifically for smaller sized call centers.

Speech Analytics - Solutions to help identify the reasons customers call and how to improve training in most frequent call types

Work-at-Home - The technology that allows companies to start or manage a virtual agent program.