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BroadsoftWith the right analytics solution, Big Data can be an invaluable resource in your contact center. Using data analysis, you can accurately predict customer behavior and trends, and ensure that your customer’s experience matches their expectations. more
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All of the managed service programs we design and operate begins with a customer interaction analysis. This helps to develop a personalized contact center customer experience analysis program quickly that will leverage your existing investments. more
NICENICE Interaction Analytics is a cross-channel analytics platform that enables companies to prepare the workforce for handling customer interactions in real-time, and continuously improving future interactions. more
Verint Systems, Inc.Customer interaction recordings are rich with insight on customer interactions. With Impact 360 Speech Analytics, you can glean valuable intelligence from thousands—even millions—of customer calls quickly, so you can take action quickly. more
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Set service levels and monitor customer satisfaction, incremental sales effectiveness, knowledge relevance, social trends, and agent performance with slice-and-dice analysis. more
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