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Call Center Process Improvement

Analytics - Resources for call center analytics.

Benchmarking - Setting realistic goals for call center improvement requires having a goal and benchmarking helps create that goal for your call center.

Best practices - Once your organization has a clear goal for measuring improvement find out the best ways to reach that goal!

Blended / Workload - Solutions for leading telephone agents into an environment where they blend contact customer care activities.

Consulting - Firms who have experience or expertise with a particular call center skill set help companies prevent mistakes that cost time and money.

CRM - Software solutions for managing customer experience.

Customer Engagement - In today’s 24×7 mobile world, customers want to engage with companies in many ways.

First Call Resolution - Customer service in a call center gets better with strategies that promote First Call Resolution. Find resources to help you resolve issues on the first call.

Help Desk - Resources specific to Help Desk operations

Lists / Lead / Data Management - Lists are one of the four Direct Marketing fundamentals - Product, List, Offer, Package (PLOP)

Management - Resources for the people controlling and directing the activities of a department with many moving parts - a call center!

Metrics / KPI - Browse solutions for determining key performance indicators and the metrics that drive performance.

Multi-channel - Solutions for combining contact channels within the call center.

Online Sales & Service - Call and Contact Center resources for improving customer communications via the web.

Planning / Strategy - Fail to plan and you plan to fail!

Research - Market Research starting point

Self Service - Customers can help themselves given today's technology!

Social Presence - Social Media monitoring, broadcasting and Demand Generation

Web Chat / SMS / Text - Add SMS to the growing list of customer communication channels