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Certification - Review resources for gaining certification.

Coach/Monitor - Tools for coaching and monitoring of call center agents, telephone representatives and feedback tips.

Conferences / Events / Network - Networking at industry events is a great way to share information with your peers.

Engagement - Services for engaging both customers and call center employees.

Headsets / Environment - Products and services for your call center environment

Hiring - Solutions for hiring better people to improve attrition rates and increase call center performance.

Language Services - With sales and service becoming global there is a great need for language services.

Leadership / Culture - Important topics for a Call Center environment

Personal Development - Self improvement and awareness resources for finding happiness in your life as a call center professional.

Quality - Improve the quality within your call center environment with these suppliers and their solutions.

Retention - Resources dedicated to improving employee retention.

Site Selection - Who can help with site relocation services.

Telesales - Resources for inside sales departments to gain an edge and increase sales.

Training - Find a company specializing is training that can provide a leading edge solution for improving retention of information.

Virtual Agents - Solutions for management of a work at home or virtual agent program.

Workforce Optimization - Small improvements in managing a call center department add up to big productivity gains with resource like these.