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Customer Service Rep.- looking for the best!

10/11/2018Call Center
Job Location:
, NE
Metro Area:
NE - Omaha
Company Name: EmployeeAnswers

EmployeeAnswers is working with a number of Fortune 500 companies to help them find quality call center customer service representatives for full time positions.

If you currently work in a call center environment and know you are a quality Customer Service Representative and have the following qualifications we would like to invite you to become Call-Center-Jobs-Certified so we can help you find a better job that pays more, offers benefits and at an employer where you like the culture and enjoy going to work every day!


  • Minimum of High school diploma or general education diploma (GED)
  • 2 years of call/contact center experience
  • 2 years of Retail, Financial, Insurance, Health Care, Consumer Products, Pharmacy, Publishing, Travel, Reservations or Telecommunications experience.
  • 2 years Microsoft Windows applications, systems data entry and internet search experience

About us:
We are not a traditional staffing organization. Therefore, we do not employ traditional concepts for helping people find better job opportunities. We believe people need something more than a resume to set themselves apart from everyone else and secure that better job with more pay, better benefits and at an organization where you like to go to work every day.

What makes us unique is what will make YOU unique!
To be unique means to stand out among a crowd or to differentiate yourself from others. Since the resume is the primary means for differentiating yourself when looking for a new job opportunity it is the first thing that must be done right. We work with you to make your resume unique!

For a recruiter to access a person's resume today they use "keywords" to search a job board or their own database to find new candidates. If you have the right keywords your resume gets viewed - if it does not - you are not found by recruiters. If your electronic resume IS found, a recruiter spends just 6 seconds on average reviewing your resume according to research by TheLadders. We provide you with the keywords you need in your resume - and where they belong.

Even more unique ...
We even go another step further and provide you with concepts to mention in your resume giving recruiters a more clear picture of your thinking style, behaviors, and interests. These are the characteristics they are really looking for when searching keywords and once your resume if found we give you the concepts to add to your resume to get you noticed and set you apart from the rest! These are called Qualifications in your resume.

We make you and your resume unique giving you the best chance to have your resume found and then viewed to keep a recruiters attention when they are reviewing your resume.

There's more ...
Ultimately the interview is where we will help you the most. Certified candidates receive a two (2) detailed reports that will help you understand your strengths so you will know how to communicate these concepts during the interview. We also instruct you on the areas where you need development.

Once we have helped you with your resume and become interview-ready we can introduce you to our Fortune 500 clients who view our resumes before posting to the job boards - AND - you can then use this resume in your own job search.

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