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Customer Service These people are answering the telephone, sending and receiving emails or providing customer assistance and other Customer Relationship Management functions.
Telesales These people are using the telephone to make "outgoing" telephone calls for sales, research or information verification. They also handle web site sales by answering live web site requests from people looking to purchase on the Web.
Help Desk These positions consist of people working on the phones supporting customer (and company) requests for help with their computers, networks, etc. It also includes ALL management and support staff.
Collections This category consists of both the people on the telephones, their Managers and all support staff.
Call Center Operations Supervisors, Managers/Directors and Senior Management Positions working directly in the call center.
E-Commerce Many companies are selecting their call center (tele-servicing) as the logical "division" to manage web site responses (web-servicing.) The positions posted in this section range from people handling web site requests all the way up to General Managers developing the strategy for integrating a call center with e-commerce activity.
Support Cast Operations Support Positions like Training, HR, Quality and Payroll
Telecom/IS Duties include MIS, software programming, supporting ACD and CTI systems, networking and telecommunications engineering.
Account Management These positions work together with the Call Center to set goals, communicate program requirements/changes, etc. For example a Project/Brand Manager working with the call center group to set service level standards for customer service requests for a specific product line. This area also includes Sales and Business Development people.

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