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Welcome to!

Thanks for considering us as a recruiting - and - talent acquisition partner to help employers and candidates find ...

"The right job ... with the right company ... at the right time."

Niche Recruiting/Marketing

As a job board we help recruiters fill open positions.

As a niche job board we help talent acquisition professionals "attract, source, recruit and hire" active and passive job candidates that are more interested in finding the right company - based on their experience and situation - rather than search through hundreds of jobs on the large job boards.

We attract - and retain - experienced call center candidates (for all positions) by providing candidates with an environment where they can review employer jobs and research call centers in their area. Candidates visiting can:

  • Search for open jobs.
  • Search our Google Map for companies in their local area
  • Search for Companies by Metro Area and view employers Company Profiles
  • Read description of specific call center (by city) for type of positions
  • Click to view jobs on our site
  • Click to view jobs on employer website
  • Click to view company jobs (by city) on Indeed
  • Click to view company jobs (by city) on Glassdoor

Pricing and Services:
Passive and higher quality candidates search when they are ready to look for a new opportunity! Therefore, it is important to have relevant and up to date information available 7/24/365. We offer employers a Company Profile as a year-round solution to reach candidates when the time is right for them to research companies and find the right job with the right company.

What's included in a Company Profile?

  • Unlimited Job Postings for ONE year in ONE Metro Area location.
  • Description of your company and call center, company logo and a link to open positions.
  • Call center location included on USA Map with link to Company Profile.
  • Links to your open positions on Indeed and Glassdoor and your website.
  • Job feeds, job scraping and job distribution tools can be used to post jobs.
  • Employers can also send us jobs and we will post for you.

The cost to employers is $375 annually per call center location.

Click here - to view a sample Company Profile.

Click here - to download our Media Kit with a more comprehensive overview of our services.

Click here - to sign up for the Company Profile Package and get started attracting, sourcing, recruiting and hiring better quality candidates today!

Once you open an account we will create your Company Profile and send it to you within 24-48 hours to review and approve. As a client, our service will set us apart. Need something? Just email us your request to and we will get it done for you!

We look forward to working with you!