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Intelemedia Communications

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Intelemedia offers a new breed of call center services by combining industry-leading technology with a platform uniting top performing agents from multiple call center companies. Since 1993, Intelemedia has developed elegant telephony and data solutions for the call center industry to transform call handling for customer service and sales acquisition.

Intelemedia offers one contract, one invoice, one platform, elite reps—the best in your vertical—industry leading sales and customer service applications. Differentiators include sophisticated call routing, analytical and comparative analysis, deeper transparency and insight, and centralized reporting.

The results—increased sales, enhanced customer service, reduced costs, greater operational knowledge.

From our headquarters in Plano, Texas, we serve clients around the country in customer service and sales acquisition environments. Our clients span many industries including direct response marketing, electronic retailers, consumer products, insurance, telecommunications, utilities, insurance, healthcare, pharma and more.

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