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We have been working hard to create NEW and better ways for candidates to use our site. In addition to searching open jobs you can also locate call centers in your area on our map and use the find companies to research companies for future opportunities.

Introducing our New Career Mentor Service

In order to better serve candidates looking for a better call center position - we are offering a Candidate Profile designed to highlight your soft skills in order to stand out to recruiters. A resume is basically what candidates use to communicate their 1) experience 2) hard skills and 3) soft skills to employers.

A Candidate Profile is a much more comprehensive overview of a candidate's abilities because it expands on the soft skills they possess in order to do a specific call center job - and this is what Employers are really looking for in new candidates!

Our Career Mentor service is used by both active and passive candidates to identify their set of soft skills that are strengths for a specific position. Once they are identified, we walk you through how to word them in your resume to stand out to employers. Next, we educate you on your soft skill strengths and prepare you for how to respond in a behavioral style interview.

Click here to watch a quick video and review ALL services you get with our Career Mentor service.

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January 20, 2022