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We hope you are finding our site to be productive! We are always working to improve the candidates' search experience! In addition to searching open jobs you can also locate call centers in your area on our map and use the find companies area to research companies for future opportunities.

NEW Remote Category

We hope the NEW Remote section will improve your overall search experience. Candidates can search for remote jobs in their metro area, but can now search for companies who recruit for remote candidates statewide! More companies are coming onboard so keep coming back.

Introducing our New Candidate Profile Service

Our resume database did not provide value for candidates or employers so we replaced it with a Candidate Profile service that better serves both employers and candidates.

A Candidate Profile is a much more comprehensive overview of a candidate's abilities because it expands on the soft skills they possess in order to do a specific call center job - and this is what Employers are really looking for in new candidates!

Hard skills get candidates noticed by employers, but it is the soft skills that get people hired!

A Candidate Profile is a more comprehensive overview of a candidate's abilities. It includes a resume portrait highlighting your work experience and hard skills. More importantly, it identifies your soft skills for your specific position so employers know the type of position you desire. Finally, your profile will be confidential to you! The only time an employer will see it is if YOU ask for it to be sent to a specific employer.

We are finalizing the service with a partner company to create your Candidate Profile and manage the soft skill analysis for us. Stay tuned.

Coming Soon!

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September 26, 2022