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The large job boards are great for active candidates so we decided to go another direction and serve the passive candidate within the call center community. A job description does not answer the questions passive candidates need to consider future opportunities so we created Company Profiles to allow employers to deliver a message that passive candidates need to have answered - what's in it for me?

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Soft Skill Evaluation Service

Our resume database did not provide value for candidates or employers so we replaced it with a new service that better serves candidates and eventually employers as they start to use the service.

Hard skills get candidates noticed by employers, but it is the soft skills that get people hired!

Soft skills are more important than ever for candidates getting a new job or getting better in their current role. We will be offering a new service for people interested in identifying and developing their soft skills far into the future. What's included?:

  • A SWOT assessment of your current soft skills for a specific position.
  • Three reports to help you understand your strengths and areas for development
  • An online portal for you to individually review the 26 soft skills covered and add notes to help you develop each soft skill.

We are finalizing the service with a partner company to create your Candidate Profile and manage the soft skill analysis for us. Stay tuned.

NEW Remote Category

We hope the NEW Remote section will improve your overall search experience. Candidates can search for remote jobs in their metro area, but can now search for companies who recruit for remote candidates statewide and nationwide! More companies are coming onboard so keep coming back.

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July 20, 2024