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Great site!:

We were very happy with the resumes we received and have filled the position. Great site!

Dominion Video Satellite

Another hire via

I was very pleased with the results and have filled the position. I will probably run one for the T.S.R.'s when the new manager begins first of month.

Sky Computer

We have filled this position:

We have filled this position with the wonderful help of was a great resource for us. It was very easy to navigate the website and customer service was very prompt and efficient.

First American Speciality Insurance

Phenomenal Response:

We have had a phenomenal response from the ad that we have placed on It is a great and inexpensive way to reach the nation's top teleservices professionals.

Brett Byers
VisionQuest Marketing

Hired 4 people:

We have had several good candidates, and have hired 4 Associates from the advertisement. So far, most of the applicants fit our qualifications and we would definitely use your service in the future. Thank you for your help.

Tina Hammons
MAXIMUM Communications

One (TeleSales) hire is worth the time & effort:

We only got one person that was hired from the posting, but he's worth it.

Home Buyers

Extremely helpful service:

The posting has gone well. We have received many resumes and applications of those who are interested. We appreciate your help. This has been an extremely helpful service.

Tina Jones
City of Greensboro

We will be using you again:

Your website has been working out good for us. We plan to post more jobs in the near future. Thank you for the follow-up.

Flagstar Bank

We hired someone from your site!:

We've actually filled the position with a candidate I sourced through your site. As of now our needs are filled. Thanks for your help!

Brian Price
AccuData America worked wonderfully!:

We got enough resumes for the job within the first two days of having it posted. The site is working wonderfully for us.

Carolyn Price
Customer Satisfaction First, Inc.

Will use again!:

Thank you for your notification that the postings have expired. With your assistance, the process of posting with has been a delightful one. I will continue to refer other clients to your site. Best wishes,

Peggy Ann Francis
Money's Worth

I would definitely utilize your site again!:

Thanks for following up with me. Our Outbound Director position has been filled. It was not by a candidate from your website but we did get a very large response from the ad and a lot of qualified candidates. I would definitely utilize your site again. Thanks.


We filled the position!:

We have filled the position. Please remove the posting from your site. Thank you, the ad and results were excellent.

Rudy Picchietti
Specialty Store Services

Quality - Quantity - Service!:

The posting netted me a ton of very good resumes. I wish you had more resume sites. And thank you for the follow up, that was a very pleasant surprise.

Tammy Camper
Camper Resources Unlimited LLC

Another hire:

I hired some one for the position I got from your site! I am very pleased.

Johnathan Branson
Manager of Recruitment, Corporate Human Resources
Western & Southern Financial Group

Fantastic Results:

Thank you again for all your help. The success rate with the Supervisor posting was fantastic -

Lynn Nussbaum
TeleNet Marketing Solutions

Customer Comments about

"You have figured out the dot com job board game. SPECIALIZE. Results were very good especially in comparison with the the test drive I gave ______ (National Executive Site) for the same job, same length of time, and about the same cost. Responses from your site actually had call center experience! I'll be back.

Geoff F.
Fitzgerald Associates Executive Search - - Specialization:

"I tried to fill a very difficult position that needed a specialized business person with call center experience. After months of searching using other venues I was desperate and within a week using I was able to find several eligible candidates for this and other key manager positions. I am now expanding my use with"

Caroline Maguire
Staffing Specialist
The Hartford

Benefits of being a niche site:

"By being a niche site, attracts just the qualified candidates we need to fill our call center positions."

Sharon Veney


I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I appreciate the help you've given me on the 2 call center jobs I have been recruiting for. As you noticed, they were not easy jobs to fill and "" attracted many outstanding candidates from which to choose. The resumes were sent to me promptly in a good format.

I especially want to commend you, Heather, for your help. You went out of your way to help me and make my job easier and with your attention to detail, I knew I was getting the response that I should. I wish all the career websites I work with were as professional and as cost effective as Thank you again for an outstanding job!

Deana St. John
Andrews, Nelson & Associates

Quality Candidates:

"We have found the site to continually provide qualified candidates in the call center business. We continue to post ALL our call center jobs regularly because of the great results we have experienced."

Jennifer Evans Haltmeier
The Cherenson Group

Internet Recruiting Works!:

"The addition of to our recruiting strategy has significantly improved our ability to service our clients. I have been most pleased with the brand exposure we have received, as well as the caliber of candidates who respond via this unique advertising channel."

Allen R. Middleton, Vice President
Smith Hanley Associates

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Our ad with was both economical and effective. We received applications from many qualified candidates.

Dianne Schow
Project Mutual Telephone Co.


You really have something here! I was quite pleased with the response we received from our job posting. In fact, we were concurrently talking with Headhunters and they were supplying us with many of the same resumes. I have notified our internal Internet Recruiting HR Group that your site is well worth the investment.

P. Donaldson
Fortune 500 Company