Assurant Call Center Jobs

Atlanta, GA

At locations across Assurant, our customer service employees work directly with people who are going through all kinds of situations. You’ll be the voice of our organization and of our clients. But, more than that, you’ll also be a voice of compassion and care. Acting as the customer’s primary point of contact, you’ll listen, solve problems, answer questions and work with them to find a resolution.

As part of the Assurant customer service team, you’ll do more than just answer calls or respond to questions. On behalf of our clients, you’ll work directly with consumers to help them protect what matters most. You’ll be their primary point of contact and their source of information. You’ll listen, solve problems, and patiently find a resolution.

Customer service is provided in all types of ways, from face-to-face interactions and phone conversations to online chat and email communication. At locations around the world, Assurant’s customer-facing teams work directly with people to initiate claims processes, solve technology challenges, answer billing questions and more. Our customer service employees are a critical part of our organization, which is why we implemented a $15/hour minimum wage for all Assurant employees. We know how important good customer service is, and we’re looking for new team members who can help provide it.

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July 24, 2024