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ComplexCare Solutions is an industry-leading healthcare company that specializes in providing services for health plans nationwide. Those services include coordination of care for health plan members by connecting them with their healthcare provider, conducting annual assessments (both virtually and in health plan member’s homes), medical record extraction and reviews for our health plan customers, as well as various other service offerings.

ComplexCare Solutions excels at delivering high-touch, high-value assessment and care management services for health plans nationwide. We are known for our successful in-home member engagement, which allows us to collect a more robust range of data, implement more personalized care plans and motivate change for desired outcomes. Our modular suite of specialized services is designed to integrate with your operations across the entire care management continuum to build a customized solution that helps you stay in compliance, receive appropriate reimbursements, lower costs and improve member satisfaction.

Yeah, that all sounds good but what will I do here..... 

We reach out to healthcare members to offer them the opportunity to meet (in person or virtually) with a Nurse Practioner to review their healthcare and answer questions. The opportunity to spend more than 20 rushed minutes at a doctors office visit with their healthcare provider. These visits do not substitute the time with a doctor only adds to their overall healthcare.  We help members who review their medications, understand what their medication does, review all of those questions that you never end up asking the doctor and help the member manage their health and advocate for themselves. 

Now as a part of our Leadership Team... this is what we are all about... developing ourselves and those around us.   The culture we have built in our contact center is be positive, be coachable and we will help you get to where you want to go.   If you want a career with us... AWESOME!  We are here to help you from the moment you walk "virtually" through our doors.  If you are working on your degree or working to make your side hustle full time and this is just a J. O. B. then if you give us your all when you are on the clock we will help you develop the skills that will help you in your dream career. 

We are a team that enjoys what we do helping others and that includes helping each other too!  Learn more about us and watch some of our team videos! 

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